Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rhiannon JonesRhiannon Jones
A great result
I have enjoyed my lessons with Clive very much. Whether it was the general banter we had in the lessons or how friendly and helpful he was when teaching me. And managing to stay so calm no matter how badly I drove!

Ozora Kessell-FellOzora Kessell-Fell
First time pass
Thank you so much to Clive with his amazing teacher. Truly recommend, he’s brilliant. Going to miss our lessons!

Megan LeakMegan Leak
Another great 1st time pass...
'I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Clive. I found the LDC driving system really helpful especially using the book to help me; it was easy to follow and had step to step guides about manoeuvres and the driving test. Clive was a really good instructor and made my lessons fun as well as instructive; we got along really well and i really would recommend him as well as the LDC driving system.'

Sophie ElliottSophie Elliott
Passed first time
Clive is a fantastic instructor who has been very patient with me and enabled me to learn at my own pace, the LDC workbook and DVD helped me monitor my progress between the lessons. This has enabled me to pass my test first time with only 4 minors!! Thankyou Clive.

Hannah Mooney
Passed after only 20 hours on the road.
Clive is a friendly driving instructor who is patient and gives plenty of guidance. He makes the lessons very enjoyable and makes you feel comfortable in asking questions. LDC is a great learning system, the work book was fab!! Thank you very much Clive!!

Hannah MooneyHannah Mooney
Passed after only 20 hours on the road.
Clive is a friendly driving instructor who is patient and gives plenty of guidance. He makes the lessons very enjoyable and makes you feel comfortable in asking questions. LDC is a great learning system, the workbook was fab!! Thank you very much Clive!!

Donika SastryDonika Sastry
A great result after a lot of hard work
Clive is an amazing instructor - very patient, calm, encouraging and motivating and last but not least - very funny! All this helped me immense to pass my test. He adapted his teaching to my needs in order to gain control over the car and feel more confident in my driving. I would recommend Clive and LDC to anyone!

Daniel WhiteheadDaniel Whitehead
Passed first time
Thanks to Clive I was able to pass my test first time. His calm approach to teaching and enjoyable lessons gave me the skills and confidence needed to pass and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Ian AshleyIan Ashley
A great result after only three weeks of lessons
Clive is a brilliant driving instructor. He is supportive and patient and has an ace sense of humour. He uses the LD system to organise the lessons and I found the system together with the Driving Skills Workbook made it so easy to learn. I would definitely recommend Clive to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Claire SmoutClaire Smout
Well deserved result
Clive is a brilliant teacher, he is patient, understanding and willing to help in anyway he can! So glad I went with LDC, the workbook is so easy to read and work through. Very happy, thank you Clive and LDC!

Lewis RichardsLewis Richards
Passed first time.
I’m very happy with passing today 1st time with only 2 minors. I couldn’t have been done it with out Clive and the LDC Workbook. Every lesson was some thing different and we worked on things that I needed to work on and didn't work on things that weren't necessary. I would recommend Clive and LDC to anyone who asks. Thanks again. Lewis

Megan YappMegan Yapp
What a week......and the passes keep on coming. Well done Megan. A really well deserved pass. Now you must believe in yourself because you are a great driver. Keep safe. This is what Megan had to say.....
I told Clive several times that I wasn't booking another test and that I'd never see the day I'd pass but with his patience this is why I'm here today with a pass certificate I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clive if you want to learn to drive.

Daniel ButlerDaniel Butler
Well...some weeks are good and some are very good! Third pass this week.....a first time pass for Daniel...this is what his mother had to say.........
Clive has now helped my second child to pass his test. Both my children have felt very relaxed and reassured by Clive. I have two more children and I am hoping Clive will be teaching them too.

Eilish KinclaEilish Kincla
Second pass in 2 days.
Well done Eilish. You worked so hard and really deserved your brilliant result.

Ashley SpeakAshley Speak
Another good result
Thank you Clive for all the support given to help me pass. I would highly recommend! He fitted everything around my schedule, was easy to communicate with and was patient and clear with instructions. Thanks again!

William BeddowsWilliam Beddows
Another good result.
Clive is an excellent driving instructor. He makes you feel comfortable and is very understanding. Excellent service and I would deffinently recommend him.

Kyle SmithKyle Smith
Passed first time
Clive is an excellent driving instructor. He’s very patient and understands how different people learn. The LDC book he uses really helped me to find out which areas I needed to improve on and he would always recommend ways for me to improve. I would highly recommend Clive for anyone learning to drive!

Joe BowenJoe Bowen
A great first time pass.
Thankyou Clive for being an awesome, and patient instructor! The LDC book was very useful, especially with the manoeuvres, thank you so much!

Julie ThorpJulie Thorp
Never give up
I have tried to learn to drive on and off in the past with other driving instructors but have finally passed my test with Clive. Clive is endlessly patient and pairs this with a great sense of humour. When I was frustrated by how long it took me to learn, he was supportive and kind and reassured me that I would get there. He gave me lots of tips such as recognising that a mistake on a driving test shouldn’t be seen as a definite fail, just recover safely and carry on. I am so grateful to Clive and LDC and would recommend his driving school to anyone.

Duncan McGreggorDuncan McGreggor
A great drive
Clive was patient and didn’t rush me. Worked to my schedule and I finally passed with Clive’s best help after help after giving up a few years back.

Oliver Sneddon Oliver Sneddon
No nerves about a sudden short notice test.
Congratulations Oliver on a great result and well done for all the hard work that you put in in order to achieve it. This is what Oliver had to say after he passed..... "Thanks to Clive for being both supportive and patient with me as I learned; Focus on driving and you won't worry as much".

Darcy RushtonDarcy Rushton
Good result!
Thank you! Couldn't of done it without your support and encouragement and you always made me feel relaxed! I was so nervous for my test but you'd never let me say the word fail! I would highly recommend you to anyone that wants to learn how to drive! Thank you again!

Hayley AllisonHayley Allison
Passed first time.
As an older learner I was nervous and risk averse. Clive is not only an excellent driving instructor, he is also an effective teacher. He has a comprehensive knowledge of both his subject matter and what it is to be a learner. He adjusts his teaching style to suit the learner ensuring that you learn to the best of your ability at all times. Not only was I a nervous driver but I also did not enjoy it! Clive changed all of that for me giving me the confidence to enjoy my driving to the extent at which I passed my test first time. To say that I couldn't have done it without his teaching would be an understatement - I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any learner young or old.

Lewis SearLewis Sear
Great result
Thank you very much Clive you are a great teacher and was extremely helpful during the process, would highly recommend you) !

Bradley SavageBradley Savage
Passed first time....
Learning to drive with Clive was great. He is a very patient and encouraging instructor, who took all the pressure out of learning. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons, which were guided by what I wanted to practice. Thanks again Clive for everything.

Sammy PriceSammy Price
First time pass
Thank you Clive for being so patient and encouraging in our lessons that gave me the confidence to be able to pass my test first time! Never thought i would have manage it! Thank you so much!

Maggie MarshMaggie Marsh
Passed first time
Well done Maggie. A brilliant 1st time pass. You worked so hard and really deserve the result that you got today. This is what Maggie had to say...... " Thankyou Clive for being such a great instructor, I'm absolutely over the moon to have passed my test 1st time, I really enjoyed our lessons and will miss them, I always felt comfortable and at ease and I will be highly recommending you to anyone who's wanting to learn x"

Olivia ButlerOlivia Butler
A great result.
Well done Olivia. A great test result today with only one minor fault.......this is what Olivia had to say. "thankyou!!! Very thrilled to have passed. I found Clive to be very flexible as I'm away at college and supportive. He's understanding and I felt very comfortable, I felt at ease at all times."

Rachael MatthewsRachael Matthews
A great result
Thank you so much for all your patience and encouragement. You are a fantastic teacher and I really appreciate how much you have gone out of your way to help me learn to drive. I couldn't have done it without you!

Beth HorneBeth Horne
Passed first time
I would like to say a huge thank you too Clive Turner for excellent teaching and support for me to pass my test on Friday. What also helped me past first time was the LDC DVD and book I found them extremely helpful in understanding the essentials to pass first time. Again, thank you ever so much!

Tom ShukerTom Shuker
Great result Tommy. Congratulations.
Clive has been a brilliant instructor to me, he's always stayed patient and calm with me even when I was really nervous about starting to drive, thank you so much Clive! 😊

Jack MeredithJack Meredith
Great result
Clive made the lessons interesting. He was always patient and learning with him was a pleasure.

Chris HughesChris Hughes
Well done Chris. A great test result.

Jonathan DonaldsonJonathan Donaldson
First time pass.
I'd like to thank Clive for being a great instructor and being very patient and making my learning experience enjoyable. I would recommend Clive to anybody. Thanks again Clive.

Rosina HudsonRosina Hudson
Passed first time.
Thank you Clive for being an excellent instructor, giving me the skills and confidence needed to pass first time. Very calm with a knack at putting you at ease, Clive made learning to drive a very enjoyable experience. I would fully recommend Clive.

Branden PainterBranden Painter
Great result Branden.
I would like to thank Clive, LDC and the LDC system for giving me the opportunity to pass first time. Clive was nothing but patient and understanding throughout and it made the whole learning experience enjoyable. I would fully recommend Clive to anyone that is looking for a calm instructor that is approachable and friendly.

Katia ChambersKatia Chambers
Well done Katia, a great result.
Even though I was an extremely nervous driver, I managed to actually pass first time with Clive! He helped me gain my confidence, and learn to drive in a safe and progressive way. I'm ecstatic to finally be on the roads, and I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this with any of the other instructors I have been with. Thank you, Clive!

Bekki SherborneBekki Sherborne
Another good start to the week. A great result Bekki. You worked hard for it........this is what Bekki had to say, "Thank you so much Clive for your support and encouragement, I'm over the moon to finally pass my test."

Jack TravisJack Travis
Congratulations Jack, the look on your face when the examiner told you that you had passed was priceless...... This is what Jack had to say... "Clive took the pressure off learning and made it more enjoyable. Also helped calm my nerves for the test. Helped build my confidence of the road and doesn't get annoyed at mistakes"

Sarah CrightonSarah Crighton
Well done Sarah. A great test result and a brilliant way to prepare for the new year. This is what Sarah had to say; "Clive is a fantastic instructor. The first time I drove a car was on my first lesson with Clive and I couldn't have felt more relaxed and in control. He won't push you, but teach you to push yourself and challenge your ability. He's flexible, reliable and a good laugh. Thanks for everything, Clive."

Emily GreenEmily Green
Congratulations Emily. A good test and a good result with only 3 minors. Emily has had a great week and this is what she had to say...... "Clive was an excellent driving instructor. He was encouraging and patient with me which gave me the support and confidence I needed to pass my driving test - especially after giving up 7 years ago! He instantly made me feel at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Clive. My lessons were fun and interactive and he always explained things in a clear and concise way so that I fully understood. I would recommend Clive to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive! Thank you so much!"

Gemma GriffithsGemma Griffiths
Congratulations Jemma. Passed first time with only 3 minors. Well done. You worked hard and deserved this great result. This is what Jemma had to say........ "I passed my test first time with Clive. I had a wonderful time learning to drive on his semi intensive driving course. A friendly and thorough instructor that helped me gain confidence and the skills i needed to drive. I felt very comfortable and in control and can highly recommend booking with Clive. Thank you again for helping me with this life changing course."

Sian JonesSian Jones
Passed 1st time
What a great result Sian.....passed first time and a clean sheet with no faults what so ever.....and this is what Sian had to say today. "From the first lesson I had with Clive it has been great. No pressure & positivity throughout every lesson. I'd like to thank the LDC system & most importantly Clive for helping me learn to drive in the best way possible passing my test first time with 0 Minors it's been an absolute pleasure & I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive! Thanks again"

Bradley SmithBradley Smith
Well done Brad, a great result and as you say, only 3 minors. This is what Brad had to say..... Thank You very much for teaching me how to drive and pass my test. Even though I did not pass first time, it was well worth it for the experience I've gained along the way. Passing my test with only 3 minors!

Kieran BoyesKieran Boyes
Congratulations Kieran. A great result and good to get it passed before the darker nights. Kieran had this to say. "Id like to thank Clive and LDC driving for helping me learn to drive in the most easiest and efficient way without putting me under any pressure and doing something new every lesson thanks again"

Ben ParkhurstBen Parkhurst
What a great way to mark your 18th birthday Ben, well done! This is what Ben had to say..... I'd like to thank Clive and the LDC system for guiding me through me lessons and driving test, in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible. Clive's calm manner and patience, along with the LDC book I was able to pick everything up at my own pace and move through the steps of learning to drive one by one. I'd highly recommend Clive and this unique LDC system to any driver at any stage of driving. Thank you.

Oliver Price-FreemanOliver Price-Freeman
What a great few days Oliver, in fact it was only 6 days training with a weekend in between. So proud of you, having never driven before, and now you have a full driving licence......this is what

Oliver had to say.... "I would like to thank Clive and LDC for the training that I have received. Clive is an excellent driving instructor who, using the LDC system, taught me in such a way that I was able to pass my test after only 9 days training. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for everything."

Hannah FarringtonHannah Farrington
Well done Hannah, passed your test first time with only three minors.
Clive is a great guy and he made learning to drive easy and genuinely enjoyable. There isn't any pressure to get everything right at once and every lesson you do something new. LDC provided me with a course book and a DVD to help me pass first time, which is exactly what I did! Thanks again


Tom SarjantTom Sarjant
Well done Tom!

Conor TuiteConor Tuite
From the very first day of my lessons with Clive, it has been a genuine pleasure to spend time with him. He is calm, knowledgeable and accurate in his teachings. Clive managed to incorporate the fantastic learning structure set out by LDC into all aspects of driving, using his iPad; this was a great help. I'd like to thank Clive and LDC for guiding me through to passing on my first attempt, it's been a pleasure picking Clive, and I would highly recommend Clive to anyone in any position of learning to drive. I wish I could do it all again!

Today, I passed my driving text first time thanks to Clive. He's a great teacher, who teaches you at the pace you need. He always asks what you want to do each lesson and doesn't make you do things you're not comfortable with. I've never felt unsafe in the car and I would definitely recommend learning with Clive to anyone who is looking for lessons. Thanks so much!

On my 1st attempt and just 3 months after my birthdays I passed I would highly recommend Clive he is a excellent instructor and a very friendly man my mum as already recommend him to all her friends a Very Big THANK YOU Clive.

Brilliant result Kurtis! Well done.

Dave BarnettDave Barnett
Clive thank you for helping me pass my test, you made things so simple and quick to learn, you teach to the point and are very patient! I would recommend Clive to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Thanks Clive for your excellent tuition in helping me pass my driving test today, a lot of patience on your behalf! Highly recommend you to any one who wants lessons, thanks again.

Lynda TaylorLynda Taylor
Having had three previous instructors over the last few years, I was a bit nervous starting driving again with a new instructor. After my husband passed with Clive and recommended him to me, I decided to go with Clive as my new instructor. His friendly, calm and reassuring manner was very helpful and he has definitely helped to make me a much more confident driver. I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive. I will also be doing my Pass Plus course with him.

Rehanna Old
I passed my driving test in 1996 and within weeks I was injured as a passenger in a car accident. In the last 18 years I had wound myself up with nerves that I never drove and got around by either walking, using public transport or being chauffeured round by my husband. Due to a recent changing career and retraining, I needed to be able to drive to get to places that public transport wouldn't allow and I needed to deal with this barrier I had put in front of me for so long. So I took the bull by the horns and contact Clive at LDC after seeing the advert for discounted introductory lessons. I explained my nerves and jumpiness and he totally understood and with his calm manner and excellent coaching I was confident after the 5 lessons to buy a car! I now drive between 40 and 80 miles per day and feel so happy to have regained my independence. Thank you Clive, you're a star!

Well done Louise. 4 minor faults. Now you can get on with your new job and transporting your baby daughter around.
After putting off driving for 13 years due to nerves and then having a baby I needed independence. I researched many different driving instructors to find competitive pricing and found Clive with the deal of first 5 lessons for £60.00. I found Clive to be friendly calm and to give constructive criticism. He has a positive manner that put me at ease with my nerves and he structured my lessons to my needs. I found the LDC book a good work tool that helped pin point my strength and what I needed to do more work on.

I would recommend Clive to anyone wanting a fast track way to passing.

Steph ParkerSteph Parker
Another pass,and only 3 minors. Well done Steph. I know it's not been easy to find the time with 4 little ones but it's paid off and now your life will change. Well done.
Thank you so much Clive. Without Clive's help and guidance I wouldn't of been able to drive as confidently and as well as I do now. With having the freedom to do and go where I like gave me knowledge of roads I struggled with and allowed me to do it all by myself easily today after I passed. I recommend Clive to all that are wanting to learn to drive. Thank you again Clive x

Well done Jason, 4 minors.....great result and great way to start your weekend!!
With a 20 hour intensive course, Clive's teaching got me up to speed in a relaxed and progressive manner. Each lesson was completely tailored to how I wanted to learn, with Clive making helpful suggestions as and when I needed them. Happy and confidant to be on the road thanks to Clive!

Amazing Amy!... Well done... first attempt... and only four minors.
I was very nervous about learning to drive but with Clive's patience, I really enjoyed every lesson, thank you for being a great teacher and getting me passed first time.

I would recommend Clive to anyone who wants to learn to drive he really tailors the lessons to the individual pupil and gets them passed. Thanks again.

Richard HarrisRichard Harris
Well done Richard.......first attempt and only 3 minors. Brilliant result.
I would highly recommended Clive to any learners out there if they want irreplaceable knowledge, advice and support. I never felt awkward or silly for asking any question regarding my learning process. I feel learning off someone of Clive's calibre and knowledge within the motor industry was such an advantage and I firmly believe Clive's support and tuition to myself, helped me pass my test with only 3 minors first attempt. I can't explain in words enough of the extent of the help and guidance given I would only suggest to give him a call and find out for yourselves. Once again Clive thanks a lot and all the best for the future.

1st attempt and only 4 minors. Well done Andy.
Cheers for everything Clive you're a patient man and I never doubted my driving when I was learning with you. I will recommend you. Thanks ever so much mate.

Passed at the second attempt.....better than the national average, and had this to say.......
After having lessons previously, I was unsure whether I would have to start from ground zero as sometimes instructors do. However upon first meeting Clive, it was always centred on what I wanted to do, which was refreshing. Although the first lesson was getting back into it, the rate of progress I made and the way the lessons evolved perfectly fitted by style. Clive was patient and made me feel confident in the car, and even when making mistakes, I did not panic as I was relaxed about it, and the trust that Clive wanted me to pass and not take my money, helped in this. Lessons were explained well, and Clive went above and beyond to get me to pass as quickly as possible. Definitely one of the best instructors I have had, and can guarantee that whether it be one session or more, you will greatly improve from learning with Clive.

Sara WiginSara Wigin
Clive is a very kind, patient and amiable instructor who really know his stuff.

I have had two other driving instructors and can honestly say that Clive was the most helpful. He tailors the lessons and methods effectively to the individual; he also provides good motivation.

Regardless of how you feel about driving or your aptitude, give Clive a chance and he will get you a pass.

Learning to drive with Clive was brilliant, he's very down to earth, made me feel comfortable and relaxed, he has a great sense of humour. Clive is easy to get along with I would defiantly recommend him to who ever is wanting to learn and drive, don't miss out on a opportunity to learn with him. Thank you for being patient with me Clive, all the best in the future, many thanks buddy.

Courtney SavageCourtney Savage
I wanted to learn to drive quite quickly so I had a semi-intensive driving course with Clive. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor. He was always patient and explained everything very well, thanks Clive.

Daniel EddiesDaniel Eddies
I work unpredictable hours so was struggling to fit in drivin lessons so I decided on an intensive course. I looked around and found Clive and the LDC which looked great. As soon as I met Clive he was really accommodating to fit me in and helped me develop from having no driving experience at all to passing my test 1st time. Always prompt, friendly and patient. Thanks Clive.

Hi Mr Clive thank you a lot for your co operation and instruction about how to drive that was useful and co operative. I am really happy to pass my driving test today. Again I can say thanks a lot to LDC specially from Clive and his useful instruction.

Ben SmithBen Smith
I searched for driving schools and wanted to get through to my test as soon as possible. I found LDC and spoke to Clive who was my closest instructor. He was able to accommodate my needs and work at a suitable pace to do everything at my level of learning. He helped to remove my bad habits and I passed in no time. A very helpful, friendly and reliable instructor.

Jon WalkerJon Walker
I'd heard good things about LDC and I am very glad I went with them! My instructor, Clive Turner, was a really good teacher; friendly, understanding and motivating. He tailored the lessons exactly to suit my requirement to pass in the shortest time possible whilst targeting my weaknesses and ways to eradicate or improve them. The lessons really helped me to learn to be a safe and responsible driver and after passing my test with Clive, I'd definitely recommend both him and the LD method of learning. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure.

I can highly recommend Clive at LDC. He listens to you, addresses your individual needs and requirements to get you through your practical test.

Clive was a pleasure to be with he helped and guided me where I needed it. Thank you Clive kindest regards Jayne and Paige.

A number of years ago I had tried to learn to drive with a local instructor. The lessons were long, dull and endless repetitions of driving round set circuits and reversing around a corner ten or fifteen times. He was grumpy and moaned at me endlessly. After failing miserably for the second time I lost the interest in driving completely.

Earlier this year I decided that I needed to learn to drive quickly and contacted LDC for an intensive course with Clive. Right from the outset the lessons were relaxed and pressure-free. Any mistakes I made my instructor always gave prompt and useful advice without once telling me off or speaking to me sharply or grumpily. The lessons were also more fun - we did not endlessly drive around known test-routes. He mixed each lesson up which gave me chance to practice and fine-tune a wide range of driving skills. Overall I felt that I learned to drive with the LDC and not just learn to pass a test. I thank Clive and LDC for their expertise that has enabled me to finally get my driving licence.

I would definitely recommend Clive as a driving instructor. He taught me to drive in 52days, and I passed my test first time! People thought it impossible for me to learn so quickly, even bet against it, but Clive's dedication meant I was confident throughout my test. He was understanding of how I learnt and knew which skills I needed to practice. I was also grateful for how often he asked what I wanted to do and which bits I wanted to practice.

I learnt before Clive used the LDC system but he has told me about it and it sounds great - who knows how quickly I'd have passed if I did use it!